From: Republic of Nineva Railwayist Party


Subject: Cease and Desist

“Super Train Station H”, owner of the website located at is hereby ordered to remove the offending content located at including the short story “The Woodbie Revolution”, and all related content including but not limited to all infringing use of the word “Railwayism”, a trademark owned exclusively by the Nineva Railwayist Party for the sole use of identifying the activities and image of said organization.

The Nineva Railwayist Party values the good will and reputation associated with Railwayism and demands the immediate removal of all unauthorized and/or defaming misuse of it’s trademarks, and thusly orders “Super Train Station H” to immediately and permanently cease and desist from the aforementioned infringing activity.

 In addition, The Site must desist from it’s continuing misuse of web domains and imagery which imply association between The Site and the Railwayist Party, including, but not limited to use and ownership of the domain “". The Railwayist Party demands the immediate end to this assault upon its identity and trade marks and the hand over of the “" domain to the Republic of Nineva Railwayist Party at no delay.

The Railwayist Party also demands “Super Train Station H” to immediately and permanently cease and desist all slanderous use of the name and identity of the Elected Director Dr. Dennis Derail, founder of Railwayism and Permanent President of the Nineva Railwayist Party.

Immediate actions to be taken to fulfill the demands of this notice include:

        1. The immediate removal of the offending content located at “

        2. The cessation of all infringing use of Railwayist Party trademarks including the name “Railwayism” and the Flag of Railwayism.

        3. The cessation of all slanderous usage of the identity and name of the Elected Director Dr. Dennis Derail.

        4. The swift issuance of a public apology to the Railwayist Party, Elected Director Dr. Dennis Derail, and Immortal Master Leonard Pratt.

        5. The prompt surrender of the “” web domain and all related infringing web domains to the Railwayist Party.

        6. Payment in the amount of $10,000 by cash to the Railwayist Party for all damages incurred by the Railwayist Party in connection with “Super Train Station H’s” illegal conduct.

The Nineva Railwayist Party strongly urges the recipient of this letter not to contact a lawyer or to take any other action which would interfere with it’s right to eliminate the infringing content from the internet, and will hold “Super Train Station H” responsible for complicity in such conspiratorial actions to the maximum extent provided by law.

Be advised that failure to respond in writing, and fully comply with these demands by the morning of June 6, 6588 will result in the Railwayist Party taking legal action against “Super Train Station H” to enforce it’s rights, including but not limited to declaring total war on said offending individual.

This notice is intended for viewing only by the of the individual to which it is addressed, and contains confidential information. Furthermore, addressed party is notified that all dissemination, distribution, discussion, transmittal, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. Violation of this paragraph will result in further legal action being taken against “Super Train Station H”.

The immediate written response and fulfillment of the above terms is mandatory and nonnegotiable.

With deep love for the commuters of the Technocratic Commuter's Railpublic of Nineva,

Elected Director Dr. Dennis Derail.

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