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Doorworms are adorable creatures that appear in my fiction. Every decent person loves Doorworms.


This is the first Doorworm I drew on a computer. The black values are splotchy and bad looking because I was using a very dark monitor at the time. The lines are bad and faded out because I was new to Photoshop and didn't know how to resize images properly. I had to start somewhere I guess.

This is a character called Gelert, who I used to call "Tale" because he rode on another characters tail. Not very original I know. He was the first Doorworm character I ever created.

This was from 2004 or 2005.

"Balloon Flight"

I only just realized that this is likely only the second Doorworm I've ever drawn on a computer. I make all my digital Doorworms in Adobe Photoshop, which some people find herd to believe because of how simple they are.

I drew this while watching American Idol in 2006. The idea was inspired by Balloon Kid, which I had just discovered at the time and was playing non-stop.

"Droopy Doorworm"

I drew this guy just to try out the facial expression. I guess I didn't realize how bad the anti-aliasing looked on the purple segments at this point.
I'm posting all these Photoshop created Doorworms in the order I created them.

"Hastily Drawn Doorworm"

I drew this for a quick project in which I attempted to simulate what a scene from one of my stories would look like as a Nintendo DS game.

"Winter Wonderland"

A VERY, VERY poor attempt by me to depict the retractable stinger Doorworms have in their tail segments.  I was actually having difficulty drawing Doorworms, mostly in getting the body to look decent. I used Silly Putty to pose this by molding it into the shape I wanted, photographing it, and then tracing over it in Photoshop.

That background is so awesomely inappropriate.

"Realistic Doorworm Attempt"

I used to draw my Doorworms very short. In my head they are actually a few feet long, so I tried to develop a new style reflecting that. I failed.
This Doorworm almost looks like a board for some kind of game you play with dice and pawns or something.

"Doorworm Hug"

Aww. :) These two were the second Doorworms I created by posing Silly Putty.  I spent a whole Saturday morning on this one. Having their bodies entwined like that is something I could have only done using silly putty back then, though now I could easily do that "freehand". I love the eyes on these two, especially the eyes on the black and white one. These were the last "short" worms I drew, after this they were all much longer and thinner.

"Gelert & Clyde"

Veestah was the first person to create a fan character based on my work, so out of gratitude (or something else) I drew her Doorworm character Clyde in a romantic embrace with Gelert.
Fortunatly Veestah didn't mind the fact that I made her character gay without her permission and she declared Gelert and Clyde "OTP" (one true pairing) as they say in the slash fiction community.

I love this picture a whole lot. I finally found a groove where I could make long Doorworms without having them be 40 feet long like a Marsupilami tail or look creepy trying to make them "realistic". I also love how happy and engaged the they are and their facial expressions.

I wasted more than an hour de-anti-aliasing this picture one pixel at a time because I didn't realize Photoshop had a very simple to use option to turn off the anti-aliasing feature automatically.

"Gelert & Clyde GS"

A pixelated version of "Gelert & Clyde".  I love this one a lot. I drew every single pixel by hand. I'm very proud of that. This is magnified by 1000% or something like that.
The actual size of this is about the size of my thumbnail.


This is the Doorworm that jacks up Dennis Daniels in "The Woodbie Revolution". It's even sort of hard for me to believe that I'm trying to make a career out of writing books with creatures like this in them.

Anyway, I really like this drawing, the eyes, the smile, the clean, anti-aliasing free lines. This was actually the first picture I drew with the anti-aliasing already turned off. I actually drew this as a tutorial on how to draw Doorworms that Veestah asked me to do. The tutorial is on my Fiend's Fridge page, I may post it here some day. I don't know.

"Gauss DVD Cover"

Here is Gauss on a  DVD cover for a DVD I sent Veestah filled with cartoon tapes recorded off network TV in the late 80s and early 90s.

This was the first time I used my own step by step instructions to draw a Doorworm, it made the process very quick and easy, I don't think this took more than fifteen minutes for me to complete. I especially dig his eyes, it looks like he just had eye drops or something.

"The Doorworm Show"

This came from watching Boomerang over at Grandma's house, and is clearly a deliberate attempt to emulate a Hanna Barbera title card.
For some reason the text alone took something like two full hours. I dabbled very slightly in adding depth to the nameless Doorworm's pose.
I was tempted to make the date 6578 instead of 1978, but not enough people would "get" it and think I was trying to say this fictional cartoon was from the future rather than the past.

"New Gauss"

I thought about "updating" the drawing of Gauss on the front page back in January, but decided against it.

"Happy Birthday (person's name)!"

One of those increasingly rare non-digital Doorworms. Done with crayons.

Funny story behind why this one is cropped so small.

I have this friend I went to high school with who sometimes goes by their real name on the internet who had a birthday in January so I didn't think it would be a problem when I posted this on my SheezyArt account even though the uncropped version had "HAPPY BIRTHDAY (person's name)!" written on it in crayon above Gelert and the cake.

Little did I know the person who I intended this drawing for wasn't the only acquaintance of mine on SheezyArt who happened to have the same real and had a birthday in January and I had a couple of people very upset at me for having seemingly used their real names on the internet, which was really baffling because I didn't even know either of these people had that name. Anyway, that's why its cropped.

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